Our Consulting Expertise

  • Manpower Recruitment

Employees are the most important assets for a business. They serve to create or promote an organization’s culture, and they significantly affect the success of a business. In challenging economic times, the cost of hiring inefficient personnel may prove to be detrimental to the profitability of an organization. As Vardering India is an effective and thorough manpower-recruiting consultancy agency, which yield the process requires an employer to carefully choose the most talented employees who will positively benefit the organization or business.

  • Campus Hiring

Despite being one of the most common recruitment practices, in actuality, the campus hiring process is ad hoc and often mismanaged. Traditional campus hiring involves many variables such as a large number of candidates to filter from, stiff competition between companies hiring simultaneously, and so on. Vardering India is supporting the institution for campus hiring process bridging the Organization and Academia.

  • Outsourcing

Vardering India patronage the outsourcing, a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally. Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy when used properly

  • Training & Branding

Training is crucial for organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. An employee will become more efficient and productive if he is trained well. The purpose of a brand is to increase sales by making the product or service the most visible and desired by the consumer. Branding is becoming more than a logo or a product. It is becoming a promise of quality and reputation.

  • Turn Key Management Activities

Vardering India has a unique advantage by virtue of its development experience. We can act as a turnkey management solution, with direct supervision of all management activities, along with experienced coordination with the professionals.

  • Information Technology Services

Vardering India is a fast growing Technology startup led by experienced professionals from Information Technology. It provides value based IT Services.