Company Profile

Vardering is a Swedish word that means Appraisal. The word has been taken after suggestions from young management students from different institutions. The vision of taking Vardering is to establish an activity of international standards to studies the policies and leadership development not only in India but also across the globe.

At present, Vardering India is providing high quality, forward-thinking consulting services in management in India. It is specialized in Organizing International Seminar, Conducting Skilled training and Development, Manpower Recruitment, Campus Hiring, Manpower Outsourcing, Third Party Verification, Training, Branding, and Turn-Key Management Activities etc.

Vardering India is gradually gaining the expertise into policy development and creating of the leader for various industries. The team is innovative, creative, and result-oriented. The team is committed to providing quality services on time. Vardering India provides perfect match and solutions to our clients through long-term client relationship; build on experience insight and Teamwork.

Vardering India is created out of a need for transformation in the working environments and our primary objective is to provide long-term sustainable leadership and development solutions for individual and organisational growth and transformation, skills development and employee advancement.

Vardering India differentiates itself from its peers through competitive pricing and the good quality to match with the client requirements. By specialising in the development of leaders and organisational culture, Vardering India hopes to partner with companies to ensure the success.



To provide and conduct continuous international seminars, training and development, through Divinely inspired training, which will enhance personal productivity, change through growth and marketability, thereby investing in any Company’s most valuable asset, their people.


To become a skills hub for accelerated business, management and entrepreneurial learning for companies by promoting and delivering accessible quality capacity building services while providing an unmatched instructive atmosphere that will add to a unique learning experience for our stakeholders, through the provision of critical knowledge and skills at the different levels in business.


As training service providers and business professionals we are committed to:

  • Care, Compassion and Respect is our fundamental importance as service providers with business partners.
  • Quality and Excellence is our highest priority and the services we provide.  We continually strive for excellence and are committed to evidence-based improvements.
  • We ensure that we have the competence & knowledge, skills and tools to respond to service needs and improve the competency levels of the workforce and leadership population, now and in the future.
  • We recognise that delivery of facilitation is complex and relies on the connection and collaboration.  We work in partnership and share responsibility with our colleagues, clients, communities, and municipal and government organisations to integrate services and improve continuous.
  • We fulfil our duties and obligations and honour our commitments to each other and every person we serve.  We communicate with openness and honesty.  We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard in our work and take responsibility for the consequences of our actions.
  • We fill needs creatively and seek new ways of looking at old problems.  We support advancements in education and training by seeking, facilitating and promoting learning, research and education.
  • We value everyone’s contribution and commitment to excellence.  We demonstrate pride in self and our organisation.
  • We fashion programmes to recognise and accommodate the unique needs of our very diverse population.
  • We must be wise in balancing the services we provide with the resources available in order to ensure a sustainable system.  We invest in what is effective in meeting needs, and we ensure that services are managed with efficiency.

Vardering India can help you achieve your desired results by partnering with your organisation across a host of services, training and leadership development, communications solutions, corporate strategy, management consultancy, operations and quality management, business development and mentoring, all of which can help you define and achieve whatever success you have in mind for your business or organisation, and have sustainable impact on the bottom line.