Centre for Policy and Leadership Development (CPLD) is an international forum, which is designed to facilitate the expression of views, exchange of ideas and knowledge in applied research. CPLD invites high quality of papers and write-ups that will be discussed and reviewed by peer professionals.

A policy is a desired outcome that policy-makers with to achieve. Leadership is evolving with changes in the world as per the requirements of the policy. It has been realized to study the various policies and the leadership consistency towards it. CPLD is intent to work/research on various policies worldwide which is a concern to flora and fauna. CPLD is providing a platform to research scholar for the successful outcome of their research work specially in the field of Economics, Management, Tourism, Environment and all other issues which is directly correlated with leadership as a policyholder.

Objectives of CPLD
  • Policy Assessment and Feedback
  • Leadership Development
  • Nurturing Entrepreneurial
  • Skills, Training & Professional Development
  • Organizational Transformation
  •  Consultancy and Research Projects